Digital Photography Café – 049: Backing Up Your Life


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Facebook buys Instagram and launches Groups for Schools, Google Drive and backing up your files onsite and off – all on this weeks episode of the Digital Photography Cafe.

Grab a latte, pull up a chair and join Trevor Current and Joseph Cristina as they chat about
the art and business of photography.


Facebook buys Instagram for $1 Billion
Facebook launches “Groups for Schools”
Google Drive
Drobo storage and backup
Amazon S3 online storage
ARQ online backup software
G-Raid high-performance dual-drive storage system
DropBox online storage

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Trevor’s DropBox
Joe’s DropBox

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Connect with the Hosts:

Trevor Current
Website: CurrentPhotographer.com
Twitter: @TrevorCurrent
Facebook: facebook.com/CurrentPhotographer
Google+: GPlusTC.com

Joseph Cristina
Website: alluremm.com
Twitter: @JosephCristina
Facebook: facebook.com/alluremm
Google+: GPlusJC.com

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