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Fast, Secure, Reliable WordPress Hosting
for Your Photography Business

We’ve been creating websites with the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) for over 9 years. Its ease of use, flexibility in design, and powerful Plugin functionality has made it the perfect platform for photographers to build their studio websites on.

While WordPress is designed to run on the leanest of shared servers, those minimal configurations don’t provide the speed, security and reliability needed for professional studio websites.

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Shared hosting providers often put hundreds, if not thousands of websites on one server. The server’s processing power, storage and bandwidth are shared by each website. Heavy traffic to that server will effect website performance, and large spikes in traffic can Security Sheildoverload the server causing a crash.

Security is also an important consideration. Like Adobe® Photoshop®, WordPress is a piece of software that requires periodic updates to its core system, plugins, and themes. In addition to bug fixes and new features, these updates also include security patches. It’s critical that WordPress websites are kept up-to-date to help prevent security breaches from exploits in the software. These hacks have the potential to not only effect the compromised website, but all websites on a shared server.



Why is Our Managed WordPress Hosting and Support
the Perfect Solution for Your Photography Business?

WordPress HostingEarly on in our WordPress website development, our clients managed their own hosting accounts. Some chose to use more expensive Dedicated or VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting providers while most chose inexpensive shared hosting providers. The common problem they all had was the lack of time to maintain their WordPress websites and hosting accounts. They were busy shooting and running their businesses, and didn’t have the time to spend on software updates, security, backups, etc. Because of this, many experienced slow website performance and some even got hacked.

To better server our clients we developed a powerful hosting and support environment designed specifically to meet the demands of WordPress powered photography websites. Our data centers and custom management software are optimized to keep WordPress websites secure, backed up and running fast. Our Client Portal gives you instant access to WordPress training and education, knowledge base, and support ticketing system.

So what does Managed Hosting mean?
Simply put, we take care of the technical work so you can focus on running your studio.

With our Managed WordPress Hosting and Support you can sleep easy at night knowing that your website is up-to-date, backed up, and secure. All of our plans include: automatic WordPress core software updates, daily backups with restore points, website security with malware scanning and incident management, and a Client Portal for education and support.

WordPress core software updates

WordPress core software updates are critical for performance and security. As new updates are released, we test for reliability and then automatically upgrade your website to the most recent stable version.

Daily WordPress Backups

Our automated, redundant systems backup your website daily and store 30 days of backups should we ever need to restore your website.

WordPress Security

Security is always a concern, and our experts are there 24/7. We have multiple firewalls that protect your data from threats, and we proactively scan for and eliminate any malware that may be detected.

Current Photographer Client Portal

Our Client Portal gives you instant access to the WordPress Basic Training video library, education resources, knowledge base, and support ticketing system.

Do you need a little extra help with your WordPress website management?

Our tiered plans add features and support to help you get the most out of your WordPress website while allowing you to focus on growing your photography business.

WordPress Plugin and Theme updates

Developers update their software to add new features and compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress. Keeping Plugins and Themes up-to-date is a MUST for website security.

WordPress website monitoring

Has your website been Blacklisted? Is it running at peak performance? Has it gone offline? Monitoring services will alert our team to take action immediately should there ever be a problem.

WordPress website reporting

Knowing what’s happening with your website is important. We provide website status and update reports, analytic reports, and SEO reports to help you make informed business decisions.

Priority Support

We’ll do it for you!
Create a Post, update your portfolio, install and configure a Plugin, and much more. We’re here to help! We can even customize a plan to meet all your website needs!

View all of our Managed WordPress Hosting and Support features
Do you need a new website for your photography business?
Build it yourself on our Managed WordPress Hosting platform.

Choose from thousands of available free and paid Themes or pick from our hand selected Premium Themes that were designed with the photographer in mind. Our Premium Plugins add the functionality you need to beautifully display your photography, capture sales leads, sell products and so much more!

Not sure if you want to tackle the website build yourself?

Don’t worry, we’re here for you every step of the way! Our WordPress Basic Training video tutorials and Support Garage knowledge base will help get you started quickly. Our Support Experts are just a click away, ready to answer your WordPress questions.

If you would rather have us set up the website for you, feel free to Contact Us for a no obligation consultation!