A Photographer’s Diary, Autumn Light

I have had a wonderful week of having peace and quiet in the mornings to write some new courses and develop new ideas. However this morning the sun was shining, the shadows were long and the air fresh and clear.

I put my head into my work yet every time I looked up the sun called me. As much as I love the colours that come with autumn, I’m never particularly keen to think about heading into winter, though the light that the autumn season brings I love.

There is something very creative for me and exotic about the autumn light. Maybe it’s the need to have to go right there and then rather than put it off and miss the light, maybe it’s just that I enjoy getting out in the crisper air. Whatever it is the light calls and if I can, I generally follow the call.

Typically as I was driving out to my favourite local village, where sadly the pub closed its doors just a few weeks ago, the sun disappeared behind a cloudy sky. Though this did little to deter me. Travelling down the country roads I saw a metal gate of a field open, I slowed as I went past and then put the car straight into reverse.

Sitting in the middle of the field stood a couple of oak trees and below them a tall stack of straw bails, further out across the field this view was replicated. I pulled away from the gateway, took my camera out, changed into some wellies as the field would be wet after the previous days rain, and my kneeling pad and set out across the field.

I was only a few seconds inside the field when I heard a tractor and trailer rolling down the road, as I turned to look over my shoulder it turned into the field, quickly followed by a JCB which proceeded to load the a tower of straw bails onto the trailer.

Rushing down the field I set about getting as many shots as I could before the men could make their way down the field and destroy the images that had caught my eye. It’s been a while since I’ve been under a bit of pressure to take photos though I needn’t have worried as they called lunch after the first trailer load and didn’t return. The light had changed on me, cloudy rather than warm sunshine, but it’s lovely being here in this part of the countryside and I treasure every minute I get to spend there.

Further on down in the village, the pub was firmly shut, no new owners yet, and also no respite for whenever nature calls and I need the toilet. The village church was a hive of activity as the vicar’s wife and her helpers were getting it ready for the harvest festival and from the lofty position of it’s graveyard my ears caught the sound of something to make a wonderful rural scene. ‘Come bye, Come bye’ was the call across the valley and there below was a farmer rounding up the sheep with her sheep dog to take them to another field. The churchyard wall made a perfect impromptu tripod and I quickly changed lenses to capture a scene that shows another side to this beautiful village.

All in all it was a good day out, roll on the next autumn day with long shadows and instant shooting appeal.

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