A Photographer’s Diary, The Ferrari

This week’s session with one of my Healing with Photography groups was all about the Law of Attraction and how to allow it to work for you and how it does work; what you think about happens.

What helps more is if you act as if you already have what you want, letting your imagination put you in a place of it already having been done. It’s really important as if you believe you already have it your vibration is already in the right place and attracting even more.

So I was sharing with my group how I really want a Ferrari 458, and how important it is that I imagine I already have it. I was telling my group who know that I currently drive a Polo, how when I’m driving I imagine it’s my 458 Ferrari.

I imagine that the leather seats are cuddling me; I imagine hearing the roar of the beautiful engine as I pull away from lights and drive down the road. I imagine that the steering wheel has the paddle gear levers on it and in that moment and I am grateful for my Ferrari. This image brought huge belly laughs around the group and it was a really nice moment and it got the message home.

My boyfriend too thinks that I have an amazing imagination that I can hear the roar of a Ferrari when I’m in the car though on my desk I have a small model of the 458 Ferrari that he gave to me so I can stay in the flow of thinking about my car.

I just wanted to mention the law of attraction here as I know some people are struggling in these times with business of breaking through the barriers of picking up the phone and speaking to people. When you worry and worry and worry about things that may never happen you start to make it possible for them to happen.

When you imagine great things happening to you and you imagine that you are worthy of great things to happen, and that’s the key, knowing that you are worthy, then you make way for them to happen. When you speak with intention; when you say “I intend for this magical thing to happen” you set an expectation. Setting an intention, setting an expectation all helps to create an energy that the universe catches to send it back to you.

Those moments in the day that you have regret over, those moments when you could have done something different, instead of regretting, change your mind set so that it is done.

I know that this is a favourite theme of mine, yet it’s one that when you look back over your life you see it is has been working for you without realising it, so now it’s time to deliberately work with it.

Someone in my group said this week; it’s about counting your blessings, which is so true. As you play in gratitude it raises your vibration and point of attraction.

If you were driving your ultimate car what would it be? If you were living in your ultimate house what would it look like? What furniture will it have in it? If you were working with your ultimate clients, who would they be? What would you be doing with them? How pleased would they be with you?

Remember, what you think about happens.

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