A Photographer’s Diary, What’s Your Block?

You know I have started putting into each week a slot with a video from a business coach and not only does it kick me out of procrastination, it is helping me to look at things afresh.

Moving on from last week taking five minutes each day to visualise how I want my life to go, I sat down and thought hard when in training with a business coach Jack Canfield he asked, ‘What you could you all day every day for a month that would move your business forward?’ The instant answer was get on the phones and speak to people.

When I was sending out invitations for the presentation I did a few weeks ago, I found that I got a better response from people who I rang and spoke to than those that I simply sent an email of introduction. As busy as we are we still do like that personal touch don’t we? A human rather than a machine. I also discovered that by speaking to people they would quite often say, oh have you thought about trying this person or this company. And I also found one person who did some of my marketing for me by passing on my information to many different departments and organisations.

For me it comes back to, what’s stopping me from picking up the phone and making calls? Am I rejecting myself, with reasons why the courses won’t suit a particular company, before I give them the chance to? And the majority of the time it’s a yes. Though not this week, motivated by a video I watched of Anthony Robbins on Friday which helps you to remove your blocks, (the link to it is at the bottom of the article), I have done his exercises and am inspired to call the list of people that I need to.

And another free teleseminar course has started with my friend Jennifer McLean, where she speaks to life coaches and healers who help me to focus on what’s important and leave behind what’s not. If you’d like to sign up for that free course you’ll be able to find the link at the bottom of the page also, and if you sign up via the link and buy anything, I must just let you know, I will get a small commission.

The big thing for next week is to follow the idea of a friend, guest bloggers. I did a guest blog for her wedding website this week which I really enjoyed and it made me think about all the people in my field who I can approach to do the same thing for me. So I hope you take a look at the two free links I’m posting for you and get lots of useful information from them.


Tony Robbins on Youtube, Awake the Giant Within http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPo2SL_NRNs&context=C497fd58ADvjVQa1PpcFPTGoEmhVQEqaCD84qqmYD-k_MmZTcfKaI=

Jennifer McLean, Healing with the Masters http://www.healingwithphotography.co.uk/healingwiththemasters.asp

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