25 Prime Examples Of Pinhole Photography

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Pinhole photography is perhaps the oldest known photographic technique, using nothing more than a light-proof enclosure, a light-sensitive media, and a tiny hole instead of a lens. The examples here are being shown under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic Licence.

Pinhole portrait series No.2 : My son and his friends Pinhole Drainpipe Pinhole Rain above the twin mountains in the far-far distance Garden Alarm Universal Light Touch Me Vanish DInner At The Diner (part 1) Shoot By Driving Welcome to Gleeson farm fence tabakalera Blue Beach 4 Que Voy Hacer Con Este Amor "Chrissa the Mermaid" Stars As Underwater Pinhole Model Television Graveyard 2 Fire engine Television Graveyard 1 PSD Abandoned Live Where I play... Abandoned Boat

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