A Photographer’s Diary, Opening the Door

The last couple of weeks I have been working very hard with myself at removing my doubts and fears about picking up the phone and selling my courses. I had already done some work on this however now I’m speaking to bigger companies and at director level, as I’ve realised that this is where major decisions get made, and it’s brought up a few more anxieties.

And you know what it’s like when doubts start to creep in if you don’t catch them they come down in a deluge. So just today before doing the research and picking up the phone to speak to perspective clients I did some EFT tapping to remove my fears of not only them not wanting to speak to me but them not having the money to cover my fees.

Oh it’s been quite a morning! It has though helped me to pick the phone up with confidence and find the most helpful people possible on the other end of it. I am just starting to use LinkedIn as a search tool, though I just don’t have the time to dedicate to putting out lots of material through that medium. In fact from what I can gather, it’s quite frowned on to sell your wares. It has many draconian warnings like Facebook about not contacting people that you don’t know, though I have found that because its business people are quite laid back about accepting your request to connect.

And here’s a question that I’ve been struggling with this week, what if you’ve come across someone via social networking, got talking to them and then realised their business might be a good match for yours. Is it ok to suddenly put a business hat on and speak to them about linking up. I don’t suppose for a second that it would surprise you to know that I did some EFT on that and sent a message, in private of course so only I can see what the response is!

Which reminds me, this week I have been playing an addictive game on Twitter; unfollowing people who continually send marketing messages without speaking. It’s amazing, I didn’t think I had followers who chatted, however I’ve discovered that there are lots of my followers who regularly pass comments on life and now I’ve got rid of some of the marketers I can see them! I almost got RSI from sitting sifting them out one day.

So if you are sitting waiting for the right moment to start doing something take the plunge. If you don’t know how to use EFT you can find an article about it in my Finding You blog series, this weeks article is with an EFT Master Tania A. Price or you could simply try speaking your fears out loud. As soon as they are spoken out loud it lessens their grip on you.

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