Gary Fong Bundles Popular GearGuard Security Products for Photo Equipment

August 25, 2011PRESS SUMMARY – Gary Fong, Inc., developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge photography equipment designed to help photographers experience new levels of creativity, introduced two new value-packed bundles containing the popular GearGuard line of photography equipment security products. By combining several of its most sought-after camera, lens and camera bag security devices into two unique packages, both of which include the company’s brand new 36” Cable & TSA-Approved Combination Lock for easy secure transportation during travel, Gary Fong is providing consumers with the most cost-effective options for seamless theft prevention of valuable photography gear. The Gary Fong GearGuard product line enables photographers to focus solely on shooting, rather than worry about roving hands snatching their gear during a shoot or when in transit.

According to Hill & Usher Insurance Agent Richard Reyes, whose company specializes in photographer insurance policies, millions of dollars worth of camera equipment is stolen each year and equipment theft is a constant concern of photographers. While prosumer shooters may be concerned with gear disappearing on vacation or in a home invasion, professionals often have heart-wrenching stories about tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear disappearing from field assignments, weddings, while traveling, or even right from the studio.

To help photographers mitigate this threat, the Gary Fong GearGuard line provides a comprehensive security system that aims to deter thieves on multiple levels. The GearGuard line consists of the GearGuard Camera Body Lock, which secures the camera body to any anchor point, such as a railing or table, and is ideal in situations where a camera body needs to be left unattended; the GearGuard Camera Bag Lock, perfect for shooters working in large crowds, prevents unwanted access to the bag’s quick-release buckles; and the GearGuard Lens Lock, which renders the camera’s lens useless to thieves when attached to the camera’s rear optic, allows users to tether expensive lenses to a fixed anchor point or to daisy-chain lenses together.  Finally, the GearGuard Security Cable and TSA Approved Combination Lock securely tethers the GearGuard components, adding the finishing layer of protection and loss prevention to ensure safe storage and travel.

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Two new packages offer photographers even more ways to take advantage of this ultimate theft protection, including:

GearGuard Basic Kit: Designed for all photographers with investments to protect, this introductory kit includes the GearGuard Camera Body Lock, the Large GearGuard Camera Bag Lock (set of two) and the GearGuard 36” Cable & TSA-Approved Combination Lock.

GearGuard Pro Kit: Created for photographers looking to protect a wide array of shooting equipment, this package starts with the Basic Kit and adds an additional 36” Cable &TSA-Approved Combo Lock as well as the GearGuard Lens Lock. The Pro Kit comes in configurations for either Canon or Nikon users.

The new GearGuard 36” Cable & TSA-Approved Combination Lock is available for $19.95. The GearGuard Basic Kit is available for $49.95 MAP and the Pro Kit is available for $89.95 MAP. Both kits represent a savings of more than 20% over individually purchased GearGuard products.

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