Instantly Share Visual Messages Through Facebook and Twitter

Pixetell LogoPRESS SUMMARY – Pixetell, Inc., announced the ability to instantly share visual messages through Twitter and Facebook. Pixetell visual messaging software is used to create messages using voice, video and screen recordings. Once created, Pixetell messages can now be shared in seconds through Twitter, and through posting on Facebook pages.

“Pixetell is now the quickest way to capture and transfer complex and visual knowledge through social media sites and collaboration platforms,” said Sebastian Rapport, CEO of Pixetell, Inc. “With our new release, in just seconds you can send visually rich messages through a Twitter account, or post it to a Facebook page.”

For users looking to do more with their Pixetell visual messages, Pixetell allows them to also embed visual messages to a blog or favorite social network site, and upload to video sharing sites like YouTube. Pixetell visual messages can be received and played on any PC or Mac through a browser, on iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, and Google Android mobile devices.

Pixetell bridges the technology gap between email and web conferencing by enabling users to communicate complex and visual information more efficiently by removing the need to write long descriptions, wait for in-person meetings or schedule web conferences. It is useful when text cannot provide enough clarity about complex or visual information and there is no time for a meeting. Whether used for sales, customer support, training, or just staying connected, Pixetell enables you to get more accomplished each day.

About Pixetell
Pixetell offers free visual messaging software that enables users to Say it. Show it. Send it. It lets you quickly add voice, screen recordings and video to email, electronic documents, and social media sites. It is the quickest way to provide technical support, and to communicate proposals, designs, forms, spreadsheets or other digital information with absolute clarity. Pixetell was founded in early 2008 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Please visit and follow us on Twitter @pixetell.

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