It’s The Little Things that Matter in Your Wedding Photography

Weddings are truly beautiful, expensive, lavish expressions of a couples personalities. They spend months and months and thousands of dollars on every detail to express their love for one another at one grand gathering. As a wedding photographer there are many responsibilities that we have and it’s important for us to get the major events of the day, the ceremony, dad walking daughter down the aisle, the exchange of rings, the first kiss as a married couple. All of these things are “big” important parts of their day but what we can’t forget about are the “little big” things like the name cards that they agonized over for hours or the flowers that they went to 12 different florists before they found the right arrangement or the programs that they stayed up late at night finalizing just to make the day perfect.

We sometimes forget about the amount of effort that it takes two people to plan a wedding who normally don’t plan such events. As professionals in the business we are used to the in’s and out’s, where to go to get stuff done, and who to avoid. For most of our clients this is the only time they have ever experienced working with these types of vendors so their road may be very difficult for them. They pour tons of energy into this expression of themselves and we as photographers need to remember that and be sure to capture not only the “big” memories of the day’s events, but the “little big” memories too. Clients choose us because of our professionalism, our artistic style, and our attention to detail. Many times, some of my best photos are not of the event itself but of parts of the day that make up the event and clients love that attention to detail.

Its not easy to try and capture every little detail of an event. Utilize your time wisely. I like to take candid’s of the event as the bride and groom are getting ready. There is some free time for us there where we can’t be in the room so utilize this time to go and snap a couple of shots of the flowers in the church or the arrangements on the tables. Here in Texas, mariachis are a big part of both quinceaneras as well as weddings. Many times the people performing are personally know to the family somehow, though you may not realize it at the time. Be sure and capture great images of these performers or members of the live band that is performing. You may not realize it at the time but they could be more important to the client  than you realize. Don’t forget to capture things such as the guest book, or special personal touches like a collage on the sign-in table or maybe a specialized groom’s cake. Your client has put these personal touches on their event to make it memorable, be sure and capture those memories for them and it will help you stand out from your competition.

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  1. Totally agree – I sometimes wish there were more details.  Most of the weddings I get to photograph aren’t very lavish and don’t have a lot of beautiful detail items.  Thanks for posting.

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