Marketing Campaigns for Photographers – Publishing Prices Part 2

Last week’s marketing campaign [Publishing Prices] was the first part of 2 looking at publishing prices on your photography website. I suggested two options which you might want to experiment with and here are the next two options:

3. No Pricing
It’s surprising how many photographers go for this option. Often you’ll see prices tab or perhaps a more popular term these days ‘investment’ and when you click it you’re faced with a contact form. It’s quite a cheeky call to action but it’s certainly better than having no suggestion of pricing whatsoever.

If you aren’t going to give away any numbers then at least hint towards the possibility that you might be either quite cheap or very expensive. Language is a wonderful tool so use it to it’s full potential.

Words like luxury and bespoke suggest you’re tailoring towards the high end of the market whereas affordable and competitive suggest something different altogether.

4. Login for prices

This forth option is probably the best of all as not only can your potential clients receive instant gratification but you also get their information.

Create a members only area of your website where visitors can login and download or view all of your pricing. Create a custom signup form which captures all of the relevant information you need. What you include depends on what type of photography you do but whatever your area names, numbers and email addresses should be the first areas you add.

If you are a wedding photographer then you’ll want to know the wedding date but also not forget the venue and where the clients live as you could be booking a meeting with someone on the other side of the country!

After your potential clients have become members of your site then all you need to do is call them up and do your thing!

As I mentioned the first part of this article, there is no right or wrong option when it comes to displaying your pricing. Experiment with all 4 options but make sure to give each option a least a couple of months.

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