Starting a Photography Business: Part 36 – Old Foes

An old friend came to town this last week and I think my friend has been having more fun than me catching up.  The old friend I speak of is my old foe; pricing.

We’re just starting to get all our prices together for the holiday tour and it’s kind of interesting. I’ve just had a moment of looking at all the figures, thinking oh no they are getting a little bit scary now and it’s all getting a bit real, and then I realised; hello, hello hello, here’s my old friend. I didn’t enjoy you first time around and guess what; I’m not going to jump into your swirling pool of gloom this time around. I’ve seen you lurking in that dark corner of my mind and I’m showing you the door.

It’s interesting though isn’t it how we deal with an issue and then feel stronger because we’ve dealt with it, and then have to deal with it all over again when it comes back to visit again a little while later. It’s been a while since we’ve been here but here it is again, though I caught it and I feel quite good about myself for realising what was going on.

Quite often when I find myself getting a little bit tense about hotels taking a while to get back to us, or writing proposals to do photography workshops in local hotels, I take a deep breath and come back into the moment. I stop and realise that gosh a year ago I was no near this point and this is a pretty fantastic thing I’ve done to launch a business, and now we’re talking about photography holidays and I’m moving on with a second business which is photography related.

I start to appreciate what I’ve achieved rather than just accepting it without thought, and it’s so important to give yourself praise, particularly if you are from the Britain, where it’s kind of frowned upon to stand blow your own trumpet and say, ‘Hey I’ve done something fantastic and I’m proud of myself.’, and I think it’s about time that we all in those moments of tension remember that hey, we are pretty wonderful people and we are doing a fantastic job for ourselves and others.

To stay to true to that theme, now I’ve written my article, I’m leaving my desk and going out for a nature walk, to stroke some cows and horses, and enjoy my free time as well as my work time.

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