50 Bizarre and Abandoned Things I’ve Photographed

Creepy Dolls Study (5 of 5) Costumes Of Yesteryear Houck's Stripping (2) Bathtub of Debris (2) Broken Home (2-1) The End Of The Road Forgotten Farm Empty House 1 - 18 Empty House 1 - 16 Desk & Chairs Abandoned Hydro Plant 2 Number 3633 Abandoned Shack Forgotten Abandoned Supermarket The Life They Let Slip Away Burn Out Oh Shit! Sink Broken Pyromania The Wait Is Forever Old Phone Abandoned Train Depot - Full View Under Pressure Junked Train Cars Panorama Abandoned Chicken Farm Tiny Abandoned House The Woods Are Not Scary Hogback Ski Area (2) Abandoned Farm Abandoned Sunoco Gas Station (3) Abandoned Fire Extinguisher In The Woods Red Apple Rest (13) Rockland Drive-In (3) Abandoned Gas Station Along NY-147 (2) Locomotive Graveyard (8) Dead Crane Truck (2) Dead Locomotive Closed Store Abandoned Ford Truck (2) Abandoned Bucket (2) Old Suitcase Abandoned Industrial Mine (1) ESP (29) Abandoned Farmhouse, Burned (10) Railroad To Hell Farmhouse dummy2 Underground Flood

Recently I had a good long look through some of my grunge photos spanning several years of photographic dedication. Of all the strange, creepy, and off-the-wall places I’ve wandered into for the purposes of taking photographs, one thing remains the same; for whatever reason, I almost always come across some unusual, unexpected, and sometimes even bizarre discoveries. The photos I’ve selected are just a small portion of what I have on Flickr, but they are what I consider to be some of the best examples of unique and unusual discoveries.

Every photographer must, at one time or another, place themselves in an awkward situation to get the kinds of shots they are looking for. I’ve had the unique opportunity to place myself in some very strange and sometimes risky situations in hopes of getting that one elusive shot. The comments that people leave on my Flickr stream and on my blog are what inspire me and make the process worthwhile.

Clicking the thumbnails will bring you to the corresponding Flickr page where you can view the sets and related shots.

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