A Photographer’s Diary, Springtime is Arriving

I love this time of year, the spring bulbs are all coming into flower, the grass is starting to grow again and the blossom starts to bloom on the trees. It does create a divided call on my time, between choosing to stay and work inside on courses and contacting companies, or nipping out when the sun is out to take some photos of the joys of spring.

Of course there isn’t really a decision to make; if I have the time I grab hold of my camera and head off to the countryside to take lots of photos. This last weekend I went back to a location I discovered last summer. I really just went back to explore it and make sure it was as beautiful as I remembered.

Whip Crack Away

I wasn’t disappointed, there in the river were three fishermen trying their best to get a catch, though they assured me that if I was waiting to take a photo of a fish dangling on the end of the line I’d be waiting a long time. With them sending that message to the universe I decided they would be right and I wouldn’t bother waiting for it to happen.

The biggest surprise was just down the riverbank. There we discovered hundreds of daffodils covering the steep bank to our right. As we stopped and took lots of photos I realised that only half of the planted bulbs were out, give it a week or two and the riverbank will be a riot of yellow. We’ve put the date in our diaries, weather permitting.

By the River

Although it was a warm sunny day, the steepness of the bank and the thickness of the trees lining it gave us quite a few exposure problems. Trying to make the daffodils stand out amongst the undergrowth was tricky, as was trying to get in and close to the flowers. Wherever we looked at our feet were bulbs either in flower or waiting to come out.

Moving further down the woodland path we found, what we think is, lily of valley, thousands of them carpeting the ground. We most certainly will be back to see them when they are in flower, and to have a second chance at the daffodils, for now we’ll content ourselves with the few images we got from the day and the knowledge that not too far down the road is a place to get a good meal to replenish hungry photographers’.

Living in the beautiful rural county of Yorkshire it was perhaps natural for Ruth to have an affinity with the countryside and its wildlife. Creativity is Ruth’s driving force finding an outlet in television & radio she worked for many years as producer for BBC & ITV.

However a love of photography and for being surrounded by nature called her to go back to her photography training and bring pleasure and joy to people through her connection with our planet.

Staying in the moment when taking her images allows her to experience the natural magnificence unfolding before her eyes. It is this moment of mediation, of gratitude, that she evocatively conveys through her images.

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