A Wedding Photographers Camera Bag

There are a few major tools that I keep in my wedding photography bag. They are essential and necessary at every event I shoot. The first one doesn’t fit in the bag but is a necessity especially when you are shooting a large event and that is a qualified assistant. An assistant doesn’t have to be a second shooter but it definitely helps. An assistant can help carry and keep an eye on equipment. At a family member’s event in downtown San Antonio, the photographer’s second camera was stolen in the middle of the ceremony. You can never trust that your equipment is safe and an assistant can help with that. They can also help with getting the wedding party and family ready for the formal shots and can assist with second shooter responsibilities if necessary.

As far as the equipment I carry I try to keep things as light as possible. You have to remember that you will be on the move and the more stuff you have to carry the more likely you will miss a great shot. I take a small Canon shoulder bag. It’s up to you to have two camera bodies. It never hurts to have a backup and while expensive, it can save your job if one goes down during an event. I have my trusty Canon 30D, one 18-35mm Canon EF f3.5, one 70-300mm Canon EF f4, two Canon 430 EXII Speedlites, and one 580 EX Speedlite. I carry at least 30 AA batteries, a spare camera battery, and spare CompactFlash cards. Two slave flash stands. I also carry lens toilettes because you always need to clean your lens, a pen, and business cards.

The light stands and slave flashes are a must have for the traditional style formal photos after the ceremony. So many times the venue is inadequately lighted. Bringing your own controllable lighting source saves you tons of prep and processing time and ensures a flawless image for your client. They are also great to use during the reception. Using off camera lighting helps to capture a more natural, realistic image for those party shots. It’s a must have in my book.

And that’s it. That’s all you need in your bag to help capture the perfect memories for your perfect couple.

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