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Welcome back to another installment of Droidography. I think there will never be a shortage of apps for me to review and its getting harder to narrow it down. This week I will be reviewing a photo app called
PRO Paint and seeing if its is worth its Salt.

Once you launch PRO Paint, you are given 4 options. They are: Take a Pic, Use Existing Pic, Blank Canvas, or Upgrade to PRO Zoom Camera 5x. Also from the opening screen you can access preferences by using the phones menu button. Lets visit the preferences area first and see what we have there.

In the preferences menu, you have three areas of settings: Picture Settings, App Settings, and Contact the Developer.  Picture settings obviously adjusts the picture settings such as image resolution, jpeg quality, and lets you toggle the autofocus on or off by default. The app settings area is slightly more lengthly, but not overly so. In a nutshell your app setting menu lets you turn on or off to your liking different buttons to take pics, whether you show a preview of the image or not, where the image saves, etc. Lastly in the preferences menu you can choose to contact the Developer via his website, email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Once you have chosen your preferred settings, you can use the back button to return to the main menu where we are once again faced with the four choices mentioned above. Lets take a pic and see how that works first. Once we touch that menu option we are brought to a camera screen which gives us several options including filters (sepia, mono, negative, green-tint, etc), exposure settings, flash settings, AF, and finally a video setting. So lots of options here. After you choose whatever options you would like then you can save the photo, delete, picwiz (more about that shortly), edit, or share it. If you save the photo it saves the photo in your gallery and you still are in the camera screen and if you delete obviously it gets rid of your photo.

If you choose picwiz, the app will give you options to use preinstalled filters on your chosen photo. When your photo is open in the editing area your have four buttons at the bottom. A 4 way arrow, a pen, and zoom in/out buttons. If the 4 way arrow is highlighted you can use the touch screen to move the photo around, when it is not highlight the photo will be locked in place. By touching the pen button you have 5 choices for editing the photo: text, art, pic wiz, pen, and shape. Text obviously allows you to place text on the photo. The cool thing is you have complete control not only over the usual things like font, size or color, additionally you can place the text anywhere on the screen by touching once you have typed into the pop-up window and chosen a color/font. Of course in the same picture you can add art, write with the pen, or add shapes to the same photo.

The drawback is you can only erase additions to the photo by using the undo button on the menu and it will only allow for so many undos. Let me share a couple photos with some additions I have added using PRO Paint and you can see really how busy your photo can get. After that I will wrap up and summarize my overall thoughts on the app.

You can get simple, but wordy

You can get a little crazy with pre-set filters and dinos…in this case Gris happens to love dinosaurs.

If you want to get really expressive, you can use each of the categories of edit section of the app

If you choose the blank canvas option mentioned earlier no photo will be displayed as a background, just choose your color and get crazy with the cheese whiz!

In summary, this is a fun app. You can REALLY get creative with it and in my view it is basically the closest thing to Microsoft Paint you could have on your phone. Which is an ancient program (as far as computers are concerned) but still serves it purpose. Final thoughts, if you have a photo you want to write on, add interesting graphics (pre-made), etc. to them, this app may serve you well. Hope you enjoyed reading and see you next time!

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