Go Behind-the-Scenes of a Carnival Pinup Shoot: by Boudoir Louisville

Since we had such a good time the first go around, I just had to make another trip to the Kentucky State Fair’s midway for a few more pinup shots! This time, I took a past client as well as my hair and makeup artist, Scooter. Turns out, there is a ride called the “Scooter”! Needless to say, he got a little excited!

We started off shooting on the Bumper Cars, then made our way over to the balloon dart pop game thing. After, we had to hit up the funhouse and ferris wheel. While shooting in the funhouse, I told Christy that I was going to shoot her and edit the pic to look like she was upside down. She proceeds to just flip herself upside down! Gotta love her…


Ryan ArmbrustI started shooting classic Pinups as a side project, just for fun. I liked the images I was shooting, so I added them to my editorial photography blog, Sniper Photo. Within a few days, I was generating inquiries. Girls were wondering how THEY could be my next pinup girl. I broke the pinup & boudoir portion of my business off and created Boudoir Louisville.

This led me to purchase a 1300 square foot studio loft to use as my boudoir & pinup studio. Located on Baxter Avenue in the Highlands area of Louisville, we are centrally located and not THAT far of a drive from Lexington, Nashville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

We snap a lot of classic Pinups as well as Boudoir and Vintage Glamour. Most of our clients come to us looking for a truly unique gift to give to their special someone. We shoot a lot of Bridal Boudoir sessions because of this. We always imagine our clients giving their books to their hubby to be, I bet he blushes.

Boudoir Louisville also specializes in Pinup Parties! Perfect for Bachelorette Parties or just a group of friends wanting an awesome night out on the town.

My job is so rough! half-a-dozen girls dressed in lingerie hanging out in my studio, so rough…

Over the past year or so, we have been published in a few national and international Pinup publications. This has yielded clients from as far away as Nevada, Texas, North Caroline, Washington and California. I gotta say, it is VERY flattering to think that clients are willing to travel to our studio for their shoot.

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