KODAK Gallery Partners with Animoto for Video Slideshows

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August 25, 2011PRESS SUMMARYKODAK Gallery, has partnered with Animoto, the maker of the innovative and award-winning online video creation service, to make sharing photo memories at KODAK Gallery more compelling and fun with video slideshows.

The partnership enables KODAK Gallery customers to easily create professional-quality video slideshows from their photos in just a few clicks. KODAK Gallery members simply choose a photo album, select a song, and a video slideshow with transition effects is generated for them. And, for a limited time, customers can log on to kodakgallery.com and receive their first full-length mobile-quality video slideshow for free.

“We’re continually striving to provide fun, easy, and creative ways for our customers to share their photo memories with friends and family, and video slideshows do just that,” said Victor Cho, General Manager of KODAK Gallery, Eastman Kodak Company. “We’re excited to be the first partner to use the new Animoto platform and provide Gallery members with professional quality video slideshows that are super easy to create and share.”

Video slideshows are a great way to showcase the photo memories from a birthday party, wedding, vacation, or other memorable event. KODAK Gallery members can easily share their video slideshows with friends by email, posting a link on their Facebook wall, sending a private message through FACEBOOK, or by downloading the video and burning it to a DVD.

“Animoto empowers ordinary people to quickly and easily create extraordinary video productions from their photos,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO and co-founder of Animoto. “We’re proud to partner with the industry pioneer to offer millions of KODAK Gallery users a new way to experience their existing and future albums of KODAK Moments in an emotive video format.”

Video Slideshow Overview
Creating a video slideshow is easy. KODAK Gallery members can simply select a photo album, pick a song, and KODAK Gallery will create a 30-second preview video, complete with music and dynamic transition effects. Preview videos can be turned into full-length video slideshows that will be safely stored in his or her KODAK Gallery account, and can be downloaded to a computer.  Video slideshows are created using Animoto’s proprietary technology that thinks like an actual director and editor, leveraging the same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques that are used in television and film.

Full-length video slideshows are available at three different resolutions: $2.99 for a mobile-phone quality video, $4.99 for TV-quality, and 9.99 for HD-quality.

Music to fit the memory
KODAK Gallery and Animoto offer a wide selection of music genres to fit the occasion and musical tastes, including pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop, indie rock, jazz, singer-songwriter, country and many more options to choose from. The site provides a list of the most popular and recommended songs for specific occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and vacations to make selecting a song quick and easy.

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