Online Appointment-Scheduling Software for Photographers

Appointment Plus, a leader in online appointment-scheduling software, provides the necessary tools to help professional photographers automate their appointment-setting procedures. Functions such as secure customer self-scheduling, automated e-mail and text reminders, online payment options and robust report-generating capabilities will allow you to spend more time focusing on your important photo shoots and assignments and less time managing customer appointments.

A Florida based studio that specializes in senior portraits relies on Appointment-Plus for booking its 300-plus appointments during the peak summer and early fall seasons. It has helped save the studio 2 minutes per appointment and reduced the number of “no-shows” by 50 percent. If you are looking for a solution to help streamline your scheduling process, check out


Online Appointment-Scheduling Software Benefiting Photographers, Photography Studios This Spring
Photographers and photography studios nationwide are using Appointment-Plus online scheduling software to efficiently book senior portraits, Easter photos and spring weddings.

Mar 26, 2010 – Scottsdale, Ariz. –Hundreds of photographers and photography studios nationwide are more efficiently and securely scheduling senior portraits, Easter and wedding photographs, and other services thanks to innovative online scheduling software.

Appointment-Plus ( …), a leader in appointment-scheduling software, gives these photography professionals the tools they need to automate their appointment-setting procedures.  The online scheduler offers such functions as secure customer self-scheduling; automated e-mail and text reminders; online payment options; and robust report-generating capabilities.

Because it’s a Web-based application, Appointment-Plus does not require any software installation or costly computer hardware. Additionally, it’s accessible from any Internet connection.

“Appointment-Plus allows photographers and photography studios to spend less time managing their customer appointments and more time focused on their important photo shoots and assignments, says Bob La Loggia, CEO and founder of StormSource Software, the developer of Appointment-Plus. “Scheduling photo sessions shouldn’t be a time-consuming process, and our scheduling software will streamline this important, but oftentimes tedious, process.”

Vernon Photography in Largo, Fla., specializes in high school senior photos and relies on Appointment-Plus for booking its 300-plus appointments during the peak summer and early fall seasons. The software helps the studio save at least two minutes per appointment and has reduced the number of “no-shows” by 50 percent. Thanks to Appointment-Plus’s fully automated functionality, Vernon Photography now let’s it’s appointment-scheduling process “do its own thing.”

StormSource supplies over 3,500 clients throughout the United States, Canada and 10 other countries the tools they need to schedule customer and patient appointment times, book rooms, accept registrations and many other services. Geared primarily toward small businesses such as medical offices and healthcare facilities, spas, health clubs and massage therapists, users of its Appointment-Plus service also include Fortune 500 companies; colleges and universities; healthcare agencies and facilities; federal and local government; and freight and delivery services.

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StormSource ( is a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based technology firm specializing in the development of online appointment software for a wide variety of applications and industries. Its flagship product is the Appointment-Plus online scheduling system ( …), which has scheduled over 45 million appointments since its launch in 2001. StormSource Software clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft Corp., Pepsi and Comcast, federal and local government, colleges, universities and other educational institutions, and small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide.

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    • Thanks Daniel, I took a quick look at your service and from first glance looks very nice. I’ll have to check it out further.

  1. I run a small business (less than 5 employees) and tried both “Appointment Plus” and “Appointment Quest.”  I last used “Appointment Quest” alongside “Constant Contact”
    for my online appointment scheduling and email marketing requirements.

    But I was
    then introduced to a new company through a friend of mine, which provides a
    “6-in-1” toolset that already has online scheduling, email marketing,
    plus a few others. 

    They give you a 14-day free trial (which I tried), and I
    ended up continuing.  I don’t use all six tools, but I am using 3 of
    them.  Best of all, from a price point perspective, you can’t beat
    it.  They state their tools are worth $180/month, but whether or not
    that’s exaggerated, you can’t argue the $19.95/month they’re charging. 
    Highly recommended if you’re on a tight budget.  The company is called Jibbio.

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