What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress Theme creates the design and layout for the front-side of your website. This is what your visitors see when they browse your site. You can think of a Theme as a “skin” on top of the WordPress software that changes the look of your website… but it actually does so much more than that.

Warning! Geek Speak – WordPress Themes are a collection of template files that work together to produce the graphical interface that your visitors interact with. Each template file within a WordPress Theme controls a specific function. Those Theme files then work together with the WordPress core software and database to display the content to your viewers. So when your visitor clicks a navigation button, views your portfolio, or fills out a Contact Form, they are interacting with a set of Theme files.

Since Themes are add-on software for WordPress, they give you the flexibility to change them without modifying the core WordPress files. This also gives you the ability to update the WordPress core software and Theme software independently from each other.

All of your settings such as font style, color scheme, page layouts, etc. are made within the Theme. If you update the Theme software, some files may be overwritten and you will lose those settings. It is recommended that you build your website using a Child Theme (built from your main Theme) rather than building with the Parent Theme directly. Many modern Themes have the ability to create a Child Theme for you when the Theme is activated.

There are thousands of free Themes available for download in the WordPress.org Theme Directory. There are also commercial or Premium Themes available for purchase which in general are higher-quality, more reliable, and offer support from the developer should you have a problem.


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