Your Photos + Music + Transitions = Awesome Animoto Video

Animoto is no new player in the photography business. Many of the top names in photography use this online service to provide easy and exciting slide shows to their clients. The concept of Animoto is simple. Your great photos plus Animoto’s transitions and royalty-free music equal awesome videos.

Creating a video is as simple as selecting photos from your library or taking photos on your phone. When prompted, you simply touch the photos you want. The app then gives you the opportunity to arrange the photos in a particular order. Then you select the soundtrack from Animoto’s library of music from various genres. Add a title and click “Create Video”.

The process of creating a video with Animoto’s iPhone App is quick and easy.

At this point your photos will upload and the video will render. Then you can download and save the video to your Camera Roll on your phone.

The Animoto iPhone App is free. Animoto currently offers an All Access Pass for $5 per month or $30 per year that allows unlimited full-length video downloads. The 30-second short is available at no cost. All that Animoto asks for is an email address.

So select a few of your favorite photos and spend the next minute creating an awesome slide show. It’s a minute well spent.

All the best…Mike

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