100 Stunning Examples of Grunge Photography

According to some, grunge photography is just a fad. As far as I’m concerned, grunge photography is here to stay, and may have been around for quite some time, though it was overshadowed by more sought-after images depicting perfection.  Grunge photography, in a sense is the opposite of traditional photography where everything is as perfect and flawless as possible.

The following photos are a small handful of what is available on, and constantly being added to Flickr.  While there are numerous groups geared towards grunge style, there are far too many to list.  So if you are interested in grunge photography and/or grunge art, thousands can be found by searching for photos tagged as grunge.

easter show for i have no arm Chained forbidding chex coke machine one stop bridge to nowhere Amy Transiently Ghost Cemetery tree Swingers bodie blue truck Ghost Town Caskets Bodie State Historic Park P1360493 Usine B - 2 esta casa es una ruina... Chernobyl and Pripyat -1171 demon child Bain d'automne Chateau Dragon Abandoned Hospital Iron? crash desk speed queens one... two... three hundred thousand Hope Floats • Consomme Moi • scary. L'idiot du village IMG_8219 DeJarnette: Interior Heart On A String Northcliffe Apartments (71) cello session @ the old train station HallHDR01.jpg Scan-080228-0032 Untitled Industrial sanatorium hallway Salve Mater in the lab boiler house default. self-destruction erika Panel Decay Stanley Hardware1 Table and Chairs abandoned doll1 30 the1 Old baths at Hellingly Asylum. Safe & Sound East New York Station-41 Cyberpunk Baby Lee Plaza - Boo(b) Tube Bath laundry 2 Inch Binder IMG_2829 P-6 Top Oil Former DDR military barracks West park abandoned hospital Surrealism: Propaganda The iron Lung 10 pediofobia Electro Therapy Sterilisator detail on a rockinghorse of time End of the Hall Abandoned Denistry Sanitaria S.P.A. Suction... Power Station Vintage Fuel The Last Tow Hospitaal OZR romantic tub mine to fill Went Postal Got a smoke?

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