Going Greener – Behind My Eyes

There are numerous tools at our disposal to edit photos and the same effect can be applied with virtually all of these tools. Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop are some of the more popular ones and the plug ins and presets for each of these programs are great in number. We typically choose these tools for editing based upon how they fit in our workflow and our comfort level for using them.

For me, I use Aperture for managing my library and basic photo editing, then will export images into other tools for specific effect application, with the main program being onOne Software’s Perfect Effects within their Perfect Photo Suite 6. The effects obtained from Perfect Effects can undoubtedly be achieved with other tools, but I go to Perfect Effects because it fits my workflow and comfort level where the other avenues may not.

Below is a video showing how using a couple of presets within Perfect Effects can quickly and easily take a normal image of a flowering plant to one with dark, rich greens and a bit of glow to give a totally different appearance than the original frame. What software would you use to produce this kind of effect? What would you have done to this image? What behind your eyes would drive you in this image?

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