Hollywood Style Video Effects for iPhone: Action Movie FX

“Hey, Dad! Check this out!” When these words come from the mouth of your 15-year-old son you never know what will follow. Sometimes it is good; sometimes it requires X-rays. This time Lane showed me a new app on his iPhone, and I must say, I am impressed.

As part of their promotion for Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Bad Robot Interactive has developed a new iPhone and iPad app called Action Movie FX. This is good stuff! All you do is select your scene. The free version offers ‘Missile Attack’ and ‘Car Smash’. Additional two-packs which include ‘Chopper Down’ and ‘Tornado’ or ‘Air Strike’ and ‘Fire Fight’ may be purchased within the app for 99 cents each.

Once your scene is selected, you simply press ‘Start’ and point your phone’s camera at the scene for at least five seconds. Once your background is recorded you select how much lead in you want before the effect starts. Then click ‘OK’. The app does the rest. The effects are pretty amazing.

You may then share your video to Facebook, via email, or you may save it to your camera roll. Here is the one that Lane showed me. Rest assured that Abby was not injured during the filming of this sequence. But I laughed so much it hurt (if that counts). Check out this link to see Lane’s video.

Download this free app and see what kind of fun you can have.

All the best… Mike

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