Photography 101: Break Out Some Angles

One of the simplest ways to increase the visual appeal of your photos is with different points of view. Here is what I mean by changing your view points, or angles. We have all seen photos where the subject is straight on, with a relatively generic background. While the scene might be nice, it does not do enough to differentiate itself from the flood of similar types of photos online.

This is where you, your eye, a bit of creativity, and a small bit of work come into play. Prepare to lie on the ground, climb a tree, and generally look like a goon while you try to catch “the shot.” There is a reason why professionals are willing to lay in the dirt, and that is to create an image that is both pleasing to the eye while providing a different view point to set the photo apart.

Changing your viewpoint to create something interesting maybe as simple as getting close to the ground. One example of this is in my shot of a manhole cover on a snowy street. You can tell this is a manhole, yet the angle at which the photo is taken obscures this item. The focal point is also shifted to the top of the rusty cover. This setup gives you a different way of seeing an otherwise ordinary subject.


A second example of using angles to your advantage comes in this Lego photo. Sure, getting down close to the ground is no different than the example above, but what this did do is make the snowhill in the back look much larger than it actually is. The Lego toy also aids in making this look bigger than it actually is.


These are only two examples of using different perspectives to enhance your photos. The next time you are out shooting photos, try getting low to the ground, climb a tree for a different view, or even just take a photo from the side. Presenting the world in fun and unique ways is a great way to take your photos to the next level.

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