Welcome to the Friday Business Challenge

Hi everyone, I’m Robyn Mayne. I am a photographer  and workshop facilitator in Sydney, Australia with a passion for working with other photographers to make their businesses the best they can be.

Welcome to the very first Business Challenge bought to you by CurrentPhotographer.com and Today is Different (that’s me). And can I just take this opportunity to say woohoo! I am super excited to be joining Trevor in bringing you The Challenge!

What is it?

Every Friday* for the next 7 weeks (yes 7! good things take time and work) we will provide you with 7 quick, easy (OK not always easy!) and practical steps on a topic relevant to your photography business.

Each Business Challenge is designed so it can be done 1 task per for 7 days, one a week or all at once.

*Note to Aussie readers: that’s Saturday for those of us “down under”.

The Challenge & the Reward

We want to see you succeed in your photography business. Participating in the 7 weeks of challenges will help you focus on taking action towards making your business the best it can be.

Sharing your experiences with others is also a great benefit to the community, so we want to hear from you. Tell us how you did with the weeks challenge in the comments below. In return we want to give you a little promotion (and who doesn’t want that?) Be sure to include links to your website, blog, Twitter profile, Facebook Page, LinkedIn and any other profile you’d like to share with the community.

We’ll select the best, most thought out comments to be featured in next weeks challenge along with a post on the Today Is Different blog. Just think of all those wonderful links you’ll get to help your SEO!

As an additional incentive we are offering you a chance to get one of your favorite photographs featured at the top of CurrentPhotographer.com. We’ll include your image, your name or company name along with your website url. When the graphic is clicked the viewer will be taken directly to your website. Nice way to get a little extra attention huh?

So how do you get your image featured you ask? It’s simple, just click the “Tweet & Get It” button below. You’ll automatically tweet the special phrase and get immediate access to a free e-book that Trevor has put together titled “How to Pimp Out Your Twitter Profile in 4 Easy Steps”.

We’ll pick 4 random Twitter followers who tweet the special phrase and send them a Direct Message with details on how to submit their photo and information.

At the end of the 7 weeks we’ll have a special gift for all those who participated and commented. Trevor and I have put together a couple of great e-books that we’d like to give to you for FREE just to say thanks.

So keep participating in the challenges, keep the comments coming and share your accomplishments with your friends on Twitter and Facebook to let them know “you’re in it to win it!”

This Week: Social Media Planning

This week, the first challenge, will look at how to take control of your social media. And how to get your life back if it’s taken control of you!

See you next Friday for How to be Remarkable in Your Photography Business…

I am a portrait photographer and a workshop facilitator. I am passionate about what I do and thrive amongst people who are innovative and love what they do. I am in my element in the midst of conversations where ideas are spread and opportunities are discovered.

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  1. This challenge could not actually have come at the better time for me! I’ve just relaunched my photography business with a new brand, Kisschasey Photography, and working 24/7 to get the same sort of Google presence I enjoyed with my previous business name. Kinda wishing right now I’d picked the right name straight of the bat… but hey ho… I didn’t so I’m in for a lot of hard work building my online presence again.  I’ve been reading a fair bit about SEO and the positive influences of Twitter, Facebook, Social Bookmarking etc on generating the precious in-bound links that Google rates so highly.  

    My mission for this week was therefore to get really serious about social media but I didn’t really have any planned approach in mind.  Thank you Robyn for reminding me about those precious planning skills we talked about at your workshop last year!

    Here are three of my most pressing goals to kick start my plan…

    Increase RIGHT kind of connections so i’m talking to people interested actually using my services one day. Previously I’ve been highly connected to other photographers (which I love to interact with) but paid little attention to my existing client base or their friends/followers.

    Increase number of local (connections within the area I service). Rural community on South Coast and start a dialog with meaningful local content

    Increase number of inbound links to my site  via Twitter, Facebook and Social bookmarking sites

    Actually sitting down and writing a plan will hopefully help me to focus my creativity to accomplish these goals as soon as possible!

    My Website: http://kisschaseyphotography.com.au/
    My Blog: http://kisschaseyphotography.com.au/
    My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kisschasey-Photography/217607441585906
    My Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/fifila

  2. I’ve got the blog and Facebook part down pretty well. It’s Twitter that I’m having difficulty with. I enjoy following the various people and I do my share of re-tweeting,  but other than  blog links and the occasional interesting link, I’m at a lose of what to tweet. I’m hoping this week’s challenge (and examples) will help shed some light on it.

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks for joining us for Friday Challenge. The best advice (and one of the hardest things to do!) with Twitter is to work out what is most important to your target market and provide content around that. If you can help them with their most pressing problems or give them tips that will make their lives just a bit  easier you will win followers and fans.

    • Suzanne, ReTweeting other people and sharing links to blogs is a great start. Robyn is right on with her advice as well. Share information and answers to problems geared towards your target market (potential photography clients or fellow photographers) will definitely build you as an expert and encourage more follows.

      Another suggestion I would have is to tweet links to your recent images. Whether you are creating mini blog posts for your shoots or uploading them to Flickr, sharing those images with the community is a great way to create buzz around you and your business. This is especially effective if you are creating fine art photography rather than just client images.

      Client shoots are great to share and will draw those clients and maybe their friends and family but fine art images will draw in a broader audience.

      Twitter is not necessarily about getting new business from your tweets, it’s about being social, connecting and sharing. Business and other opportunities will come on the back end.