A Flickr Viewer for the iPad: by Pamela Flora

FlickrStudio AppThe iPad’s roomy 9.5” display makes it perfect for displaying and viewing photos, but to date, there is a dearth of Flickr apps to take advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate with regard to viewing photos. Of course, you can always view Flickr in Safari, but the iPhone has a number of Flickr apps to take advantage of Flickr functionality, and in my opinion, the iPad should too.

148Apps recently reviewed one of the few Flickr apps available in the iTunes store for the iPad, Flickr Studio, priced at $4.99. While the app does not yet incorporate full Flickr functionality (it is a viewer, and doesn’t allow the user to upload photos to Flickr – YET), the in-depth review at 148Apps hints that future updates will likely correct this lack of functionality.

FlickrStudio iPad App Screen

As a viewer for Flickr photos, 148Apps gives modestly high marks to the app:

Overall, Flickr Studio’s design is smart, in parts reminiscent of the site itself and in others more unique and thoughtful. … The integration doesn’t feel as strong as it should – as it would if the application were made by Apple – but the content provided more than makes up for it. In terms of viewing photos, Flickr Studio does exactly what it should do – provide an interface that shines the spotlight on photos. With some future updates planned, the application’s future looks even brighter.”

So if you’re looking for a way to display Flickr sets on your iPad, either your own photos or those of others around the world, check out Flickr Studio.

Pamela FloraPamela Flora is an amateur photographer, avid iPhone user, and a freelance writer. She likes dogs, doesn’t drink coffee, and is obsessive about Words with Friends.

Twitter: @puckish222

Photo Credit: © 2010 Pamela Flora

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