Marketing Campaigns for Photographers – Instagram

As a professional photographer you might scoff at the idea of using an app like Instagram to market your business. Or perhaps the fact that you’ll be using a camera phone to take and share images might chill you to the bone. But the fact of the matter is that Instagram is popular, very popular indeed so why wouldn’t you be embracing a popular photography community?

To be honest becoming a heavily followed and liked photographer in the Instagram community isn’t the target of this campaign but if that happens then it’s certainly a bonus.

The fact of the matter is that this campaign can be done on any number of photo sharing applications or networks, it’s just that Instagram ticks lots of the boxes that I need.

Using Instagram as a tool to promote your business.

There are several recommendations when it comes to the frequency of sharing on sites like Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter but there is an overwhelming agreement that daily sharing is essential to keep fans and followers engaged. The problem is that creating good daily content isn’t the easiest thing to do and it can be quite time consuming.

Using Instagram as part of your weekly social media marketing plan adds a different type of image content and attracts a slightly different audience.

What to Share

Personal images – That might appeal to your target audience. If you are a pet photographer then maybe some shots from the dog park.

Location Specific images – If you are a wedding photographer then you could get a few shots of the venue and tag the location. If you are a location portrait photographer then you could share an image from a location before or after the shoot.

Behind the scenes images – Offer a little insight into what happens on a photoshoot with you.


Images from events – It could be a wedding fair, exhibition or even a Saturday market. If you are hanging out in places where your target audience are then all the better.

Products – I don’t know about you but I do get excited when big boxes get delivered with new samples. Why not share an image of how that 60×40 looks on a wall?

Lifestyle images – If it matches your style then share! This could be anything from interiors to great finds in a particular shop.

Where to share

Facebook  – An obvious choice and a great place to start a conversation around your images.
Statigram offer a free page application which shows your latest Instagram images.

Tumblr – Although its quite a closed community it’s still worthwhile sharing on this increasingly popular platform.

Google+ – Here’s how you do it –

LinkedIn – Be selective with the type of images you share. Behind the scene images might work best but it depends on who you are connected with.

FourSquare – Takes advantage of geotagging and good for b2b interaction.

Twitter – You may as well tweet everything.

Flickr and Posterous  – Like Tumblr if you have accounts with these sites then take advantage of the automatic sharing function in the app.

Pinterest  – Having secured considerable funding in 2011 Pintrest is becoming a popular platform for sharing. This could be be place to share those lifestyle images. There is no interaction within the Instgram app but Statigram has pin it buttons which can be used.

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