My Top 50 Grunge and Urban Exploration Photos

Dead Red Truck Abandoned Barn With Tin Roof (2) Abandoned Gas Station Along NY-147 (15) Hogback Ski Area (2) Goodwill Poultry Farm (2) Abandoned Train Depot - Stairs To Cellar The Wait Is Forever Sink Abandoned Train Depot - Full View Seashore Trolley Museum 4 Abandoned Hydro Plant 6 Dead Car (1 of 6) Empty House 1 - 1 Bathtub of Debris (2) Crooked Home (1) Broken Home (5) Abandoned Industrial Washing Machine In Winter Locomotive Graveyard (18) Dead Locomotive Kitchen From Doorway Abandoned Industrial Mine (1) ESP (17) Empty House 1 - 16 The Life They Let Slip Away (Holga Edit) Old Phone dummy2 Abandoned Farmhouse, Burned (10) Closed Gas Station 2 Red Apple Rest (11) Dead Crane Truck (2) ESP (39) Abandoned Industrial Mine (8) Empty Train Car (2) Farmhouse Dining Room (2) Broken Home (2-2) Abandoned Rail Yard (9) Abandoned Hydro Plant 2 Destroyed Office Goodwill Poultry Farm (1) Rockland Drive-In (1) Abandoned Sunoco Gas Station (1) Abandoned Gas Station Along NY-147 (10) Locomotive Graveyard (8) Red Apple Rest (13) No Radar - Grunge Edit Baby Stroller The Delaware Inn Noir Vignette Abandoned Dam Destroyed Box

Grunge, and Urban Exploration photography have played a major part of my photographic vision. Over the years, I have photographed abandoned places of all kinds. Shown here are just a sampling of what is available on my Flickr Photostream. Over the years, I have had the unique opportunity to explore photograph abandoned gas stations, houses, industrial and agricultural centers, hidden underground passageways, abandoned hospitals, forgotten commercial enterprises, and of course, railroad yards and stations. What I have provided here is what I consider to be my top 50 most influential and thought-provoking shots.

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