The Exploration of Aiden Lair Lodge

During a recent drive through the Adirondacks, I came across this abandoned lodge along route 28N in Minerva, New York. A sad reality exists, especially in the United States that many historical buildings and places are being left to decay, alone in their own abandon. Ideally places like this would be preserved somehow as part of our own American history.

The following photographs document the current state of just one of many such places that despite their historical significance and importance, are being left to rot and decay, forgotten by all but the most curious of people, like me, who stop in for a closer look, before it’s lost and gone forever. Ideally, I’d like to think that my photographic documentation of abandoned places such as this will raise some much needed awareness and possibly lead to some preservation efforts. The photos presented here can also be seen here, on Flickr.

A Little Privacy Please
Bathroom With Huge Window Bed In The Hallway Beds And Bench Seats Broken Glass Broken Destroyed Electric Stove Don't Go In There... It's Just Not Safe Don't Take The Radiator Faulty Electric Forgotten Woodstove Hallway Hanging In There Master Bath Moss On The Floor Old Fridge Paper Thin Walls Porch Round Room Of Windows Sinks In The Hallway Skylight Someone's Been Sleeping In The Attic Again Square Hole In The Wall Summer Breeze The Doors Toilet Cast A Strange Shadow Toilet In The Closet Water Damage Windows And Doors
Theodore Roosevelt

The sign outside reads, “THEODORE ROOSEVENT – September 14, 1901, stopped at Aiden Lair to change horses in night ride in Surrey from Mt. Marcy to North Creek to take oath of president at Buffalo.” – State Education Department 1935

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  1. Thanks for the photos Thomas. My name is Tim. The Aidan Lair was owned by my ancestor Mike Cronin, on my mother’s side. The historic horse and buggy ride with the future President Roosevelt was with Mike Cronin.

  2. Reading Theodore Rex and had to learn more about Auden Lair Lodge. I was disappointed to learn its fate. Any good news?

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