Upload Your Photos to Google+ with Google Plus Photo Importer

Are you one of the 40 million or so who are on Google+? If so, you might want an easy way to import photos from your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Photobucket feeds to one of your Google+ albums.

As you may know, Google+ has an application that allows you to instantly import your Android phone photos to your Google+ album. You’re right. Why would you know that? If you are reading this review you are likely an iPhone user.  But for what it’s worth, they do.

Google Plus Photo Importer by Dropico can let you accomplish the same thing…only better.

Just allow Google Plus Photo Importer to access your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and/or Photobucket accounts. Click on the appropriate icon, and select your photos to import. You then select the folder to which you wish to add your photos and choose upload. Yes, it’s that simple.

I use it to upload some of my favorite iPhone shots to an album called iPhone Photos on Google+. You can find me here on Google+.

If nothing else, it is worth downloading for the cool animation that they use when transferring the files. It costs 99 cents and is available in the iTunes App Store.

Check it out!

All the best…Mike

A college administrator by profession, Mike Kennamer enjoys the opportunity to take photos and improve his skills by shooting events at work, church, and for friends. He enjoys landscape photography, portraiture and is starting to dabble in HDR. His current photography project involves learning to control flash manually. “My goal”, according to Kennamer, “is to be the best photographer I can be.”

Kennamer is also the President of Kennamer Media Group, Inc., a provider of traditional and online media, specializing in the healthcare industry. On CurrentPhotographer.com he writes about iPhone and iPad applications for photographers.

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