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Droidography - Camera Advance Lite

Droidography – Camera Advance Lite

This week we will take a look at another Droid photo app called Camera Advance Lite ...
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Droidography - Pocketbooth

Droidography – Pocketbooth

I am really showing my age here, but I can remember as a kid visiting the local mall and seeing ...
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Photo Illusion Android Application

Droidography – Photo Illusion

Last time, I talked about Camera Illusion. Now we will talk about its companion app called Photo Illusion. As the ...
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Droidography - Camera Illusion

Droidography – Camera Illusion

Camera Illusion has a ton of filters, effects, and masks you can use to change photos as you take them ...
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Droidography - PicSay (Pro Version)

Droidography – PicSay (Pro Version)

PicSay works off of the photo albums already in your phone. It does not take pictures, but allows you to ...
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